5 Signs Whichs Shows You Are Addicted To Shopping

Consumers can be defined in two characteristics: they tend to have unlimited wishes and they are never satisfied with what they get. Thus, it is a vicious cycle of browsing and spending on your desire list. It is a never ending process which goes on and on. Here are some of the things which differentiate the common people from the ‘shopaholics’.

  1. You think of new clothes all the time.

The frustrated shopaholic would think about that bright colored coat which he/she saw in the mall yesterday. They may think about cutting their expenses and instead, purchasing the product which is appealing to their eyes. This is a dilemma which all people go through when they are low-key addicted to shopping.

  1. A smile comes to your face at the thought of shopping.

You can spot a shopaholic in the crowd. They would be the one with the best sense of dressing and the shiniest boots, with the latest season’s color in the dresses. And when they talk about shopping, their eyes light up and their face turns into a smile.


  1. Your credit card bills are always high.


Since they just can’t stop taking trips to the mall and scrolling through the online websites, it will be a burden on their pocket. All the purchasing gets them to pay high prices (especially if the brand is a popular one). Thus, their credit cards will have a negative balance or will have high amounts of debt to be paid.


  1. You neglect the problem


Since they are in the trap of compulsive buying, it affects their everyday behavior. People around them will notice this behavior and point it out. However, they will be in denial and say that this is not true. Instead of finding a solution, they will neglect it all together.

  1. Your wardrobe would be a walking heaven


With all that shopping done, they would have enormous choices of fashion clothing. Pradas, Guccis, Chanel are common names for them. So before you go look into a shopaholic’s wardrobe, embrace yourselves for the surprises which your eyes are about to witness.



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