Common Traits Which Prove You Are A Real Food Lover

The moment you step into a party, you would start thinking about what is in the menu. It is so natural of you because that is all you care about. It has become a part of your personality and defines who you are. However, most of us weight conscious people do not want to accept this fact because it is just very sad for them. They keep denying it constantly; however here is a little reality check.

  1. You don’t care about being messy

Eating a very large burger at a public place is a challenge for most people. This is not the case with a foodie as they do not give a care in the world. Instead, they keep enjoying the pleasure of the juicy and tasty meal, which they have paid for.

  1. You carry a fork in your purse

Well, ladies, how many of you have done this? At times of emergency, you might need this essential tool. Because who can miss that cheesecake or box of great noodles? Of course this is not applicable to everyone.


  1. Your expenses consist of eating out and grocery bills

You do not think that a fancy reason is needed for celebration. You regularly treat yourself with special meals and do not wait out to go on dates. Eating solo has become a routine, which you are comfortable with.


  1. You know the cheapest places to eat at

 Browsing through discount deals is your favorite hobby. Buy One Get One Free offers are your go-to rescue at times of great hunger spans. Save money now with Cartincoupon and do not compromise on the love for food.


  1. You literally dream about food at night

Going to bed, most people will think about their Bae but the only Bae you have is food. Most people have agreed that they think about their morning breakfast while sleeping. Chances are that you would sleep more soundly.

giphy (1).gif

6. Most of your plans are simply at eating places

 There will not be a restaurant left in your neighboring area, which you have not visited and reviewed. Your friends would know your plans already and you would surely have a favorite place to eat at; which would be your second home.


  1. Best food critic in the house

There is no denying the fact that food lovers know how they want their food to be made. They do not accept any alternatives and would always go for the same kind of food. You can ask their opinions on any dish and they would be honest with it.


  1. Sticking to a diet is impossible

The fitness programs and health dietary talk make you sick. It is not something you can be and will not ever want to be. Therefore, you may have made many plans but failed to be achieving them. Your love for food will never be compromised and lets be serious, who can live without pizza?


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