Common Traits Which Prove You Are A Real Food Lover

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The moment you step into a party, you would start thinking about what is in the menu. It is so natural of you because that is all you care about. It has become a part of your personality and defines who you are. However, most of us weight conscious people do not want to accept this fact because it is just very sad for them. They keep denying it constantly; however here is a little reality check.

  1. You don’t care about being messy

Eating a very large burger at a public place is a challenge for most people. This is not the case with a foodie as they do not give a care in the world. Instead, they keep enjoying the pleasure of the juicy and tasty meal, which they have paid for.

  1. You carry a fork in your purse

Well, ladies, how many of you have done this? At…

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