Electrify your daily running routine: Tips by Medifast Coupon

Electrify your daily running routine: Tips by Medifast Coupon

Answer them questions and start running

  • When you run: Morning would be the great, Totally recommended? Jog before lunch would be ideal.
  • Who you run with: Join a running group or take a dog. Idea is do something different!
  • Where you run: try a new place like park, neighborhood, or gym!
  • Why you run: Think of the last time you felt like running? Like really run and went deep in the thought.

Connect with your why each day

Figure out your why, this could be your motivation for your every day run. break your reason down to just a few words or a small phrase like respect, love, freedom and then stick it on your mirror, your fridge or wherever you see it fit. Then feel it every day.

Set new goals

New goals are reason for motivation but try doing one at a time to avoid getting burned out and maybe even risk injury. So, pick one by one and then train for it accordingly.

  • Speed: Try speeding up in low distances.
  • Distance: Work on forbearance.
  • Time: Even a simple goal like running 30 minutes four days a week can work.

Put something new in your ears.

This might be the easiest way to instantly electrify your running routine by trying new earbuds or maybe go without it but the goal is to do something which drives you towards run.

  • Playlist: Try new playlist and empower yourself towards run.
  • Song: You want to feel like a new runner again? One new song can make that happen.
  • Podcast: tired of music? Podcast might help.
  • Nature: dump the earbuds and choose the sounds of nature? It can be very refreshing.

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