Must Have Beauty Tools In a Girl`s Vanity Box

All the makeup products are worthless if you don`t have the proper tools for their application. There are a great variety of beauty tools that are available to guide you through this world of makeup and beauty! Make sure that you invest in great quality tools that can serve your for years. Tools for your hair and skin must be bought after some research to make sure that they will be perfect and reliable for you.

The original beauty blender sponge:

The original beautyblender sponge:

This beauty blender sponge works wonders on your face! This incredible sponge is a great beauty companion that is found in every girl`s bag! This non-disposable beauty sponge can b e used for perfect application of foundation, cream blush, and face powder. It will give you a flawless matte finish, its unique design and texture helps it in doing its job perfectly! This is a must have item for each and every makeup lover!
This incredible sponge costs $20.00 avail your BirchBox Coupons now to get this at a discounted rate!

Clarisonic Mia 1 Cleansing Brush:

Clarisonic Mia 1 Cleansing Brush:

Hate going to saloon for cleansing? Now you can cleanse your face whenever you want with great perfection by using this awesome Cleansing Brush. It contains small bristles that vibrate at a frequency of 300 movements per second. This smart tool is capable of removing twice as much as dirt and six times as much makeup as compared to the manual cleansing with your hands. It makes your skin clearer and helps in reducing the acne. It is very simple to use and its smaller size makes it very portable.
This extraordinary cleansing tool costs $129.00 originally, but with BirchBox Coupons you can get it at your desired discounted price.

Macadamia Professional No Tangle Brush:

Macadamia Professional No Tangle Brush:

If your hair always remains tangled and knotty causing you a great problem, you should buy this No Tangle Brush without wasting any more time! This brush is perfectly designed for frizzy, damaged, dry and tangled hair. It removes the tangles and snags while smoothing your hair. Now you can easily detangle your hair without breaking them or causing any pain in your scalp.
It costs $15.00. With BirchBox Coupons you can buy this amazing brush at a reasonable price.

Sigma Beauty F80 – Flat Kabuki Brush:

Sigma Beauty F80 - Flat Kabuki Brush:

This kabuki brush is designed by experts who believe that your foundation brush should be able to give you a flawless makeup base without wasting or absorbing your foundation. It is best to use for applying liquid foundation. This flat-topped brush head has soft and thick bristles that apply the foundation evenly all over your face. When you are buying an expensive foundation make sure to use a perfect brush which can do justice to your investment!

You can get this brush for $25.00, but BirchBox Coupons provide you a limited time offer to get 20% discount on this.

Sedu – Revolution Flat Iron:

Sedu - Revolution Flat Iron:

Revolution Flat Iron is the expert that straightens your hair without any damage. It works like a pro and gives a very straight, silky and sleek effect to your hair within very less time. It has special tourmaline-infused ceramic plates. This iron takes only 25 seconds to heat up and gives you a glamorous look within no time.
Avail the BirchBox Coupons to get this item via free shipping! Its actual cost is $130.00.

The Beachwaver Pro Hair Curler:

The Beachwaver Pro Hair Curler:

This hair curler is a master piece by celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa, This has got an incredible design that helps in getting the perfect locks of curls! The steel rod rotates automatically, avoiding the trouble of manually wrapping your hair; it also makes sure that your ringlets are evenly spaced. The rotating curling iron gently winds each lock of hair around its heated ceramic rod, giving it the perfect curl! Now you can easily style your hair by yourself just by buying this perfect hair styling guru!
Its price is $199.00 but with BirchBox Coupons you can get this curler at 20% discount.


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