5 Easy Desserts for Kids to Make

These Summer Vacations try to indulge your kids in the preparation of an easy and quick dessert! Your kids will love this activity and you will also going to enjoy it a lot. Serving their self-made dish to the family will make your kids feel immensely proud. So what are you waiting for hurry up and plan this dessert preparing activity now! But if you think that your child is small enough to join you in this activity, you can order a crate through Kiwi Crate Coupon which let your kids spend his/her vacations in a wonderful way.

Here are some of the no-bake desserts that you can enjoy making with your kids:


1. 3 Ingredients Oreo Dessert

This gooey Oreo dessert has just three ingredients and is so easy-to-make that your kids can make them entirely by themselves without any assistance!


• ½ liter vanilla ice-cream

• 250ml whipped cream

• 250ml full fat milk

• 3 packets of Oreos


• Take a big dish (30cm x 22cm); layer the base of the dish with the vanilla ice-cream.

• Dip Oreos into the milk and keep them over the ice-cream layer.

• Spread the whipped cream over the layer of Oreos

• Place another layer of milk-dipped Oreos

• Give a final layer of the remaining ice cream  Continue Reading


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