Delish Flavors at RIU Hotels that will leave you Crave for More!

When you are staying at RIU Hotels and Resorts, you want the best conceivable solace. You need to unwind, overlook your daily duties, and appreciate the comforts offered where you have your stay. What’s more, apparently you want to delight buds with some heavenly tasted food! Nothing can beat the feeling of realizing that you don’t have to prepare your meals and can have the most fantastic food options right in front of you! And the best part is that RIU Coupon is here for you to have your meals at the most reasonable prices.  Forget the mainstream meals that you usually have at your home and try the most authentic and exotic meals from the corners of the world at your dining table. Your stomach will surely start growling after reading this blog!

RIU offers a wide assortment of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Depending on the country you are staying in, you will get the real taste of each region through their traditional dishes. Just book your stay through RIU Coupons and enjoy all the inclusive dining services. Isn’t it amazing that you can enjoy a variety of international cuisines at a single place!

At RIU you will discover exclusive theme restaurants that provide a great collection of dishes from Thai, Spanish, Chinese and Italian menu. Apart from the food, you can also have a large variety of beverages to choose from.

Here are some of the delicacies of their specified destinations. Your stomach will surely start growling after reading about them!

  • Jamaican Jerk Chicken is an unforgettable treat of this Caribbean island. Their chef Alsheare Dixon exclusively prepares this delicious recipe. You will not be able to taste this delicacy anywhere else. Avail RIU Discount Code to have this dish at a cheap rate.
  • Spanish potato omelette is a great hit by their chef Juan Bermúdez Atienza. It is a star dish featuring the most simple and inexpensive ingredients that combine to give your tastebuds a most pleasant feeling. Guests love it, and most of them have it daily in their breakfast. With RIU coupon codes you can have your breakfast at incredible rates.
  • From the island of Majorca, RIU brings you the marvelous Majorcan sauté! This tempting dish is usually prepared by taking meat, veggies or seafood as the featured ingredient. José Manuel Jiménez, the chef at the Hotel Riu San Francisco, has great expertise in making this dish with cuttlefish and once you taste it your taste buds will never forget it.
  • The typical meal of Andalusian fried fish is the ultimate love of their guests! It is made by just rolling anchovies in a prepared batter and frying it in olive oil. It is commonly served with a lemon wedge which adds to is taste. RIU promo codes 2017 can be availed to get all of the most incredible dishes at minimum possible prices.
  • The tostones of the Dominican Republic is a must have on every table of this Caribbean island. It is prepared by fried plantains and has the same taste as the potato chips. These are best to satisfy your oddly timed food cravings! You can try all of these most mouth-watering dishes on a moderate rate with RIU hotel Coupon.

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